Email Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Email: Beginner to Intermediate Mastery

Graphic Design
  • Language
  • ARM
  • Age
  • 18-45
  • Duration
  • 3 months
  • Level
  • Certificate
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  • 16 students

Course fee

68000dram /month


Welcome to our Email Marketing course tailored for beginners to intermediate learners, featuring the industry-leading platform Mailchimp. Explore the ins and outs of email marketing as we guide you through crafting compelling campaigns, managing subscriber lists, and leveraging analytics for optimization. With Mailchimp as our cornerstone tool, you'll gain practical skills to effectively engage your audience and drive results. Join us on this journey to harness the full potential of email marketing with Mailchimp expertise.

What you will Learn

  • ConfirmMastering Mailchimp's Interface: Navigate through Mailchimp's user-friendly interface with ease, learning how to create, edit, and send email campaigns effortlessly.
  • ConfirmBuilding Engaging Campaigns: Learn the art of crafting visually appealing and engaging email campaigns using Mailchimp's intuitive design tools and customizable templates.
  • ConfirmGrowing Subscriber Lists: Explore strategies to organically grow your subscriber lists, leveraging Mailchimp's built-in features for lead capture, segmentation, and audience management.
  • ConfirmAutomation and Personalization: Discover the power of automation and personalization in email marketing, using Mailchimp's automation workflows and dynamic content to deliver targeted messages at scale.
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Course instructors

Gagik Tamamyan is a seasoned SMM Specialist with 6 years of experience working with international and Armenian companies companies. Specializing in Ads management, they excel in crafting data-driven strategies across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Known for their creativity, analytical rigor, and commitment to excellence, Gagik is dedicated to driving tangible results and pushing the boundaries of digital advertising.
Gagik Tamamyan
    Gagik TamamyanSMM/DM Specialist
Tigran Harutyunyan is a seasoned Marketing Specialist with a decade of experience, boasting a proven track record of leading diverse teams of 30+ individuals. With a rich background in marketing, Tigran is the founder of PBA and PMA. Additionally, they have successfully promoted Grammy artists, including Grammy winners. Notably, Tigran has made significant contributions to the field of digital marketing education in Armenia. They are the author of the Digital Marketing Transformation Program (DMTP), which stands as the first large-scale digital marketing program in the country. Through DMTP, Tigran has equipped numerous aspiring marketers with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the industry.
Tigran Harutyunyan
    Tigran HarutyunyanSMM/DM Specialist

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