Full Front End Development

Comprehensive Front-End Development: Mastering HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React.js from Basics to Advanced Techniques

Graphic Design
  • Language
  • ARM
  • Age
  • 16-50
  • Duration
  • 8 months
  • Level
  • Certificate
  • By level
  • Course ended
  • 165 students

Course fee

60000dram /month


Embark on a transformative journey through the essentials and complexities of modern front-end development with our comprehensive course. Designed to cater to beginners and seasoned developers alike, this program spans across eight levels, covering two HTML/CSS levels, three JavaScript levels, and three React.js levels.

What you will Learn

  • ConfirmFoundations of HTML/CSS: Master the essentials of web development by learning HTML for content structuring and CSS for styling and layout.
  • ConfirmAdvanced HTML/CSS Techniques: Elevate your design skills with advanced CSS concepts such as responsive design, flexbox, and CSS grid, while refining your HTML proficiency.
  • ConfirmBeginner JavaScript: Explore the fundamentals of JavaScript programming, covering variables, data types, control structures, and functions.
  • ConfirmIntermediate JavaScript: Progress to more advanced topics including object-oriented programming, DOM manipulation, event handling, and asynchronous programming with
  • ConfirmAdvanced JavaScript Mastery: Delve into complex JavaScript concepts such as closures, prototypes, ES6 features, module patterns, and modern frameworks like React.js.
  • ConfirmIntroduction to React.js: Get started with React.js by learning the basics of components, JSX syntax, props, and state management.
  • ConfirmIntermediate React.js: Advance your React.js skills with topics such as lifecycle methods, stateful vs. stateless components, routing, and managing application state with context and hooks.
  • ConfirmAdvanced React.js Techniques: Master advanced React.js concepts including performance optimization, server-side rendering, Redux for state management, and integrating with backend APIs.
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Course Timeline

June 27


4:30 PM

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Course instructors

Narek Boshyan is a seasoned full-stack developer deeply passionate about software engineering. His journey in the tech world began as he dived into the vibrant domain of full-stack development, specializing in React.js,Redux,Next.js, Node.js, and an array of other leading-edge technologies. His experience in the field spans across various roles.
Narek Boshyan
    Narek BoshyanSoftware Engineer

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