IT Project Management

Navigating IT Projects: From Novice to Proficient in 5 Months

Graphic Design
  • Language
  • ARM
  • Age
  • 16-50
  • Duration
  • 5 months
  • Level
  • Certificate
  • By level
  • Course ended
  • 25 students

Course fee

55000dram /month


"Embark on a transformative journey through IT project management, progressing from beginner to intermediate proficiency in just 5 months. Gain essential skills, strategies, and tools to effectively plan, execute, and deliver successful IT projects."

What you will Learn

  • ConfirmProject Planning: Master the art of creating comprehensive project plans tailored to IT environments.
  • ConfirmAgile Methodologies: Learn agile project management techniques for adaptive and iterative project execution.
  • ConfirmTask Prioritization: Develop skills to prioritize tasks and manage project timelines effectively.
  • ConfirmTeam Collaboration: Foster collaborative environments to enhance team productivity and cohesion.
  • ConfirmRisk Management: Identify, assess, and mitigate risks inherent in IT projects to ensure successful outcomes.
  • ConfirmCommunication Skills: Hone communication strategies to facilitate clear and efficient project communication among stakeholders and team members.
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Course instructors

Arayik Paturyan is a seasoned Project/Product Manager with a rich professional history. Having successfully led projects at tech companies like Sber Health, Mit (Medico - intech), Bitget, and Shark Software, Arayik specializes in Agile methodologies and utilizes tools such as Jira,Asana,Trello, to streamline project workflows. His strategic mindset and effective communication skills have not only driven successful product launches but also fostered cross-functional collaboration.
Arayik Paturyan
    Arayik PaturyanProject/Product Management Specialist

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