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Join us on this transformative journey, where every lesson learned becomes a stepping stone towards a brighter, more promising future, for each individual and our collective society.Welcome to first Armenian leading educational platform.

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Persona Business Academy is a branch of the American company Persona Media Group in Armenia. We emphasize academics education, we collaborate with professionals with qualifications approved by the academy, providing the best educational programs for our students, both in IT and other fields. Persona, cooperating with a number of well-known companies in Armenia, supports newly graduated students to cooperate with leading companies in the market.

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Where the classroom becomes your launchpad, and knowledge takes flight through hands-on experience and face-to-face guidance.

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We believe that our transformation program will transform not only your knowledge in the IT world but also in your life



The period of courses at a business academy represents an immersive educational journey designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, and a deep understanding of various aspects of the business world. This period typically encompasses a structured curriculum that covers fundamental business principles, specialized coursework, and hands-on training aimed at nurturing well-rounded professionals with the ability to thrive in diverse business environments.



By providing hands-on training, interactive workshops, and industry-relevant case studies, our business academy ensures that students gain a deep understanding of business fundamentals and are well-prepared to tackle complex challenges in the workplace. The practical application of learned concepts allows students to develop problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and effective decision-making abilities, which are essential for thriving in the dynamic business environment.



Passing exams at persona business academy signifies the culmination of rigorous preparation, dedication, and a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles within the realm of business studies. It reflects a student's ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, demonstrate critical thinking skills, and showcase a deep comprehension of various business disciplines. The process of passing exams at a business academy often involves thorough preparation, including extensive study of course materials, active participation in classroom discussions, and engagement in collaborative learning activities.


Persona Kids Academy

Building the leaders of tomorrow, one young entrepreneur at a time. Join us at our Kid's Business Academy and let your creativity soar beyond imagination.

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  • Business Verification for Facebook Business Manager
  • In this digital age, business verification has become increasingly important, especially when it comes to running ads on platforms . Getting your business manager verified comes with several benefits. Firstly, it establishes trust and credibility with Facebook and your audience. It also unlocks additional features and benefits that are exclusive to verified businesses, giving you an edge over your competitors. Moreover, verification helps build a solid foundation for running ads on Facebook, reducing the risk of ad account disablement and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Verifying your company through Business Manager means providing Facebook with the information necessary to authenticate the existence and legitimacy of your business in the eyes of Facebook. To begin the approval (or verification) process of your Facebook Business Manager, first, login into your account (or create a new one). Steps to Verify Your Business Manager Account 1.Head to your Business Manager Account and Select your Business Account., 2. Go to Business Settings and click on 'Business Info'. This page will show you your business details and verification status. Your verification status should be unverified.., 3.Click on the 'view details' button and it will directly lead you to the “Security Centre” section. There, click on the “Start Verification' Button., 4.Scroll down to find out how to activate the start verification button if not available. , 5.Tap on the “Get Started” button on the next page , 6.Select the country your business is based in, 7.Fill in your Organization Details. Make sure all your details are exactly the same as your legal document., 8.Upload supporting documents, 9.Submit and confirm your contact number.., 10.Enter the confirmation code sent to your number and finish your verification process. And that's that. Congratulations. Your business should get verified between 2-7 days.
  • What are Facebook Lead Ads
  • Facebook Lead Ads is a type of ad specifically designed to collect leads on Facebook. You can create a Lead Ad on Facebook just like a regular Facebook Ad, but instead of redirecting clicks to your website or landing page, it will show a form that users can fill out and submit with their details. It's an easy and quick way to connect with your leads without them having to leave Facebook. In other words, Facebook Lead Ads contain digital forms or questionnaires that pop up when a Facebook user interacts with your ad. Here's how it works: Let's say you own a jewelry shop that sells custom accessories, and want to promote your services to jewelry lovers from new locations. You run a lead ad on Facebook about your services. Some of them sees your ad, clicks on it, and boom! A form pops up, already pre-filled with their name and contact info. All they have to do is fill out some fields (if there's any additional information you need) and click 'submit'. Just like that, you have a new lead! With Lead Ads, users can submit their information through an auto-filled form without ever leaving the platform. You avoid disrupting the UX by keeping your lead on Meta's platforms instead of switching from the platform to your website and back again. Lead Ads are also beneficial for the advertiser because they capture potential customers' information without having to create a new landing page or conversion path. Everything you need to obtain a new lead is in the platform, and that data can easily integrate with your CRM.
  • How to See Facebook Ads of Competitors
  • Analysing your competitors' Facebook ads can help you understand market trends, identify gaps in your own advertising strategy, and tailor your messaging to stand out and resonate with your target audience. Finding out what messages they're sending, who they're targeting, and even how they design their ads can also be extremely useful to improve your own advertising strategies. Facebook's Ad Library allows you to search for and view all active ads that are running across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook Audience Network. This is where you can see the Facebook ads of your competitors. Here's how to access and use the Ad Library on Facebook: 1: Visit Facebook's Ad Library. You can visit the Ad Library from your Facebook profile. If you find it hard to navigate, enter “Ad Library” into the search bar. The first result should redirect you to it. 2.Use the search bar to look for your competitor. You can look for your competitor's ad activities by entering their name on the search bar. Let's take “Nike INC” as our example competitor. 3.Click on the Page name from the search results for a detailed page and ad information. At the top you'll find overall competitor ads and information about the competitors Facebook page. 4.Under Ads section you'll find approximate total Facebook ads of the competitor from the selected country and category. 5.Under About tab you'll find more about the Facebook page such as, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts associated with the ads. 6.Scroll down to see a list of active ads that the competitor Page is currently running. You can also see details like when the ad started running, which platform it's been advertised on (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and additional information like ad spend and impressions. Insights on your competitor's ads can help you create a more effective, strategic, and targeted advertising campaign for your own business. Here's a list of benefits you get from analysing your competitor's ads.
  • How to Create a Privacy Policy For Facebook Lead Ads
  • Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to collect online leads for your business. You can set them up in minutes and start receiving leads within hours, without having to go through the hassle of managing your own website and contact forms. A privacy policy is a statement that explains how an organization uses individuals' personal information it collects online. It's also a legal document that ensures a business collecting user data obeys data protection laws. You run Facebook Lead Ads to collect your potential customers' personal information, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses, so you can later follow them up with your proposal and make a sale. In this case, you're a business collecting personal data and your customers don't want you to misuse their data. A privacy policy not only explains how you'll use their data but also gives them confidence you won't misuse it. You can create a privacy policy in four ways: 1. By writing it yourself, 2. By hiring a lawyer, 3. By downloading online privacy policy templates and editing them to suit your business, or 4. By using an online privacy policy generator tool. A privacy policy is a legal requirement for collecting personal data online, and you can't publish a Facebook Lead Ad or any other lead-generating ads without it. It's an essential legal statement that clarifies and ensures the fair use of user data. Advertising platforms such as Facebook require you to have a privacy policy and host it via a publicly accessible link, which can delay your marketing plans if you don't have a quick and easy solution to create and host your privacy policy.

Why Students Love Persona


When I first came to Persona Business Academy, at Tigran Manukyans course, it seemed like I was on some new planet appeared (so everything was new and mixed).Then Manukyan the willingness of Tigran, Gagik and Tigran Harutyunyan, everything to explain thoroughly, patience and created As a result of the environment, Persona became more than just that organization providing quality knowledge. By visiting Persona, you are sure to get quality knowledge (not only in your chosen field) but also for sure you will have the most interesting and colorful course in life

  • Daniela Zanazanyan
  • SMM Speciailist

Hi, I'm Garry, I've been trying my strength at IT for almost a year now, particularly in Front-End. Before learning about the PBA and joining its ranks, I received professional knowledge in 2 other different educational places. However I will not hide that they were not so satisfactory and sufficient for me. Accepting PBA and joining the ranks of students of Narek Boshyan's JavaScript course group, I realized how big a difference there is between previous and current studies in the organization of processes, their quality and level. And both the methodology of organizing the course in PBA and Narek Boshyan's Compassionate and individualized treatment of any student obligates us to study well and become leading professionals in the field.

  • Garry Gevorgyan
  • Web-developer

Hi, I'm Armine, attending HRM in PBA I gained new knowledge at the courses by discovering and loving that realm unknown to me. Thanks to my trainer Julieta Asatryan, new to increase the level of cognitive perception. The course gave not only new knowledge, but also friends and invaluable values in the form of innovative ideas. PBA is a good and professional training academy, come on! The classes are very pleasant, because after working hours, the balance of humor and positive atmosphere is motivating, and of course the seriousness added to it. PBA, fast and quality education.

  • Armine Hakobyan
  • HR Management

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